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A new fatherWhen people are getting married they promise each other to stay together till the end of time, till death do them part but… but if there i

When people are getting married they promise each other to stay together till the end of time, till death do them part but… but if there is a hundred of couples who promise it there are only twenty of them who follow their promises, who keep their promises. And most of them leave each other and break their families, but people can’t stay alone for a long time and that is why they find new husbands. And a new husband is always a new father and it is not that easy for a child to accept the fact that this guy came to replace his father. It is a great stress for kid and that is why a mother is often obliged to make her choice between a kid and man she loves. It is hard to make such a choice and it is actually the matter of egoism. The best way to deal with this problem is to explain a kid there his or her father is the best man in the world and there is no such a person who would replace him and no one is going event to try to do that. And sure it is important for a kid to feel that he or she is still the main person in mother’s life.

All those dates

You have your family and you have people you care about and people that care about you. You have those people and you have to show them you love them and remember about them and appreciate them. I am talking about all those special dates when people were born and when they got married and when they had something special and all those holidays and so on and so forth. And in order not to hurt them and in order not to make them believe you don’t care about them, you have to keep all those dates in your mind and you have to greet each person f your family with a special day or something. You know, it is a disaster when you have to remember all those dates and at the same time you have not to forget about greetings and presents and congratulations and so on and so forth. A single mistake will turn you into a minster and into an egoistic creature that cares about no one but him or herself. And you will have to hear a lot and so it is better and easier not to forget than to explain why you had.

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How to blend a family successful

A new trend has hit families all over the globe and it is called the blended family. A blended family is when two people with their own children from a previous relationship form a new relationship. Both partners join their families together and form a new family. These blended families can bring a lot of joy as well as problems especially for your children. The good part is that children who are from broken homes due to divorce are given a chance to belong to a family with two parents.

There are of course obstacles when a blended family is created. Who makes the rules? Are all children treated equally and who gets to discipline? There is nothing easy when it comes to children in general but things are even more difficult when it comes to raising children in a blended family.

The good news is that a family can be blended successfully. This is best achieved by parents realising that in order to do a proper blend, they will have to work together. This means to forget about the family they previously had with its structures and rules and create a new household with its own attributes and do it together.

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When you realize one day that your family is not your main source of support but your main source of pain there is a tendency to want to break away from the immediate family. Many people have bade goodbye to their families of origin and moved on with their lives while others choose to stay and take the abuse while resenting the need to be so close. There are all kinds of ways to defend yourself against an abusive family. Your comfort with each level of interaction is bound to determine your level of family of origin involvement. There are issues that you can choose to never heal and there are families who seem so out of sorts that there doesn’t even seem to be a source of healing.

Breaking away from a family of origin is a personal decision and one that your friends and significant others might not understand or agree with. There is a common notion that family is everything and you don’t turn your back on your family. Yet an abusive family can cause indelible pain through an adult life. The basic question that you have to answer is whether or not the pain is worth it. What do you receive from contact with your family of origin other than pain? Does anyone in the family even recognize the present or past abuse? What are your emotional alternatives? Families do not get to be abusive simply because you all were born into the same last name and grew up in the same home. Families are made up of people, fallible people, and not all the people in our life are healthy for us. Some of those unhealthy people are even family members.